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  • JUMY Messanger – Mobile App

    Jumy is a “personal and private messaging mobile app”, meaning a particular variation of the chat clients who routinely we used for years.

    Jumy is an app whose purpose is to manage user privacy and anonymity by design on every phase of the communication between peers. No complicated cryptography or military process.

    You will not be prompted for your email or any other personal info during registration. That’s how we guarantee you that your profile will be completely anonymous. Please, be aware that if you lose your PIN (or the user) … it will be just lost.


    We have some features that we believe you will find interesting like:
    – a simple numeric PIN to view the messages. Be aware, if you mistype it the app will work normally but without showing your messages (just in case someone ask you to try the app)
    – no contact list, no logs, no local copy of the messages. Nothing is saved on your phone. What’s more secure than a device without any secrets to keep?
    – messages will be deleted after 24 hours from our servers, no matter if you read them. You can extend the life of a message with a tap on a icon.
    – both username and pin are encrypted on our server. We will never be able to read them. It’s better to trust no one.
    – the possibility to set and additional PIN for a message to make it even more private (you addressee must know the message PIN to read it)
    – you can send text or images from your gallery
    – you can set unsafe areas using your GPS position. In those areas the app won’t show any messages

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